Victoria Welsh Society Membership

The membership of the Victoria Welsh Society hovers around 100. It reflects the reality of modern Wales in as much as some speak Welsh fluently, some are familiar with Welsh songs and phrases, but most would be described as English speaking. In addition to those born in Wales, membership includes people born elsewhere and who have an interest in Wales and Welsh culture. Also, there are members who do not have a Welsh heritage but who have Welsh friends or who consider themselves friends of Wales.

Enquiries about membership may be directed to any of the Board members - under the banner heading Contact Us.

Yearly memberships extend from January to December - for single individuals or for couples/families. See the membership form below.

Please Click Here to download the membership application form. Once your form is completed, either e-mail it to the President, or mail it to:

Victoria Welsh Society
4277 Houlihan Place
Victoria, BC Canada
V8N 3T2


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