Victoria Welsh Society Newsletter

The Society produces a number of newsletters throughout the year. Designed as energizers, they cover the Society's activities, local events, selected Welsh news items and other topics that advance the Society's mandate. Newsletters are received by either electronic or regular mail.

Current Newsletter:

December 2017 Newsletter

Archived newsletters are listed below (oldest at the bottom):

February 2017 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

December 2015 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

July 2014 Newsletter

December 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter

December 2012 Newsletter

July 2012 Newsletter

February 2012 Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter

August 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 Newsletter

February 2009

November 2008

April 2008: St. David Remembered, Summer Programme, News from Wales, in the Welsh Diaspora.

November 2007: President's Report; from golf to eco-tourism; a memorable climb up Snowdon; Christmas challenge.

September 2007: Turbulent turbines; good gossip; a cultural 'ear to the ground'; looking back.

June 2007: Reflections on connections; a 'must visit' list; Problems with leeks; an historic drover's house.

April 2007: Dewi Sant in Victoria and Penticton; living history - reminiscences; Welsh lovespoons; Wales-California connection.

January 2007: Christmas party, Various letters, theatre trip review, N.A. Festival of Wales, Welsh lovespoons, President's report, Membership renewal.

November 2006: Note on the AGM, selection of delectable Welsh rarebits, Language and Life, the Society's profile, recipe.

July 2006: Recent developments; cakes, kayaks and conversations; holidaying on a Welsh canal; poverty vs prosperity in Wales.

May 2006: Eisteddfod chair to be returned to Bagillt; names and games; hiking in S.W. Wales; aspects of social life in rural Wales Part III; churches and ministers.

April 2006: St. David's banquet - reviews; the changing demography of Wales; aspects of social life in rural Wales Part II; wired, wise and Welsh; the Art of Baragami.

February, March 2006: Parties and plays; Welsh rarebits; "A Taste of Wales" - Haydn's homage to Dylan Thomas; aspects of social life in rural Wales Part. I.

January, February 2006: Christmas lunch review; singers and actors; Tryweryn; Welsh influences.

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