About the Victoria Welsh Society

In 1979, an informal meeting of friends with shared interests about Wales and Welsh culture was held at the home of David and Margaret Lintern - this marked the regeneration of the Welsh Society in Victoria, British Columbia.

The original group was small but vibrant and energetic. It provided a focal point for the promotion of friendships and the interaction of those who wished to foster an awareness and appreciation of all that is Welsh.

Over time, the Victoria Welsh Society has grown into an active, non-profit association that encourages a variety of activities among a broad range of people.

The Society does not have an established and permanent meeting place, rather, it gathers in various locales dependent on the event and the calendar. Welsh costumes, flags, food, and hwyl can be produced to attest to a Welsh presence on various special occasions in and around Victoria throughout the year.

The Society's mandate involves:

  • celebrating and sharing the heritage of Welsh Canadians in Greater Victoria and surrounding areas
  • promoting the exchange of ideas between those interested in both the traditions and the modern developments of Wales
  • coordinating a selection of local cultural and educational activities
  • supporting and developing links with other organizations that participate in multi-cultural events.

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